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The Interregnum
Click for a description of Rick Sutcliffe's Christian SF series The Interregnum
Rick Sutcliffe's
eBooks reviewed:

The Interregnum
The Peace
The Friends
The Exile
The General
The Nexus
The Builder 

The Throne
Culmanic Parts 
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What critics and readers say about The Interregnum
  • ...the convolutions of politics and character are enough to satisfy any fan of epics. It's worth its price, and then some. --Tom Easton, Analog
  • I couldn't stop reading. --Joost Boekhoven
  • captured me in the first chapter. I'm waiting for a sequel. --Kim Gaona
  • The best science fiction novel of 2003 (and a second finalist). -- the EPPIE 2004 judges
  • A challenging, yet satisfying read. --M. D. Benoit
  • Thanks for this series, I've been praying that God would give me some good Christian fiction to read (i.e. better than the Left Behind series, etc.). These books are the most interesting fiction I've read since Tolkien's books! --Josh Yeager
  • It's always a treat to read well-written Science Fiction, but the four volumes (so far) of Rick Sutcliffe's series "The Worlds of the Timestream: The Interegnum" go beyond that. Along with a good story he provides the reader with a work that examines the problem of evil - both in the world and in humanity, the unity of knowledge, the strengths of friendship, and the call of Christian discipleship in the modern society. Reading them has encouraged me both in my faith and my scholarship.
    Well-suited for both adults and teens, these books are not "preachy" or trite. They draw the reader in with a good story and encourage them to examine themselves in the light of the trials of the main characters. The story only improves with the re-reading. I know. I've read them twice! --Michael Burkley Pastor, Niagara Presbyterian Church
  • Those who enjoy a mix of creative history, fantasy, science fiction and complex plots from a God-entered worldview should find this series an intriguing challenge. It does take the tangle threads and weaves them into a tapestry of hard to forget characters. It also makes you think, Maybe...? --Carolyn R. Scheidies, Author's Choice Book Review
  • A very enjoyable read! As before, I can't wait for the next volumes to appear. --Steven Weyhrich, Apple II History
  • ...you don't have to share his beliefs to enjoy the story. It works well as a multigenerational dynastic intrigue. --Analog's The Reference Library by Tom Easton. Here is the full review
  • ...stands out vividly in the world of contemporary fiction. ... His stories have excellent character development and tell and retell the same events from the different perspectives of those characters (something he calls the "Celtic Knot method"), and at the same time present mystery on mystery for you to figure out (you almost think you've solved them...and then you're not so sure).
    When I read the first volume I was not aware that Rick Sutcliffe was a practicing Christian. When I came across some Christian concepts presented in the text I was surprised, and I decided that what the author was writing was a very accurate portrayal of a committed Christian. That was unusual in contemporary fiction, and I was pleased to read something in which a Christian was portrayed postitively. But even if you're not a Christian, I think you'll have a great read in them!
    I especially appreciated how the author deals with so many of the tough issues of the Christian faith (such as the problem of evil, marriage, sexual purity, revenge and violence). Never sappy, never shallow, I have enjoyed reading these books several times already. I've bought multiple copies (of the e-book versions even) to give out to friends, and I recommend that you read them yourself. --from the Reader's Eden site, by Michael R Burkley
  • ...a panorama of characters and backdrops that feel like they should exist. I'm amazed...I hope you're already working on The Builder! Too many tantalizing loose ends. You're good!----from the Reader's Eden site, by Janet Sketchley

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