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Copyright notice and disclaimer

(applicable to all Arjay Enterprises sites)

Copyright: All materials herein, any sample chapters, as well as the works they represent, and the entire contents of all Arjay Enterprises sites are variously copyright © 1983-2005 by Richard J. Sutcliffe and/or Arjay Enterprises (or subsidiary thereof). Neither the materials themselves nor any of the substance of the ideas, events, names, plots, columns, commentary or other writings therein may be copied, transmitted, or published in any form without the author's express permission, except for "fair use" by students and scholars and with attribution, or for the purpose of evaluating, promoting, advertising, or linking to work here presented or described.

Permissions: Properly licensed wholesalers, distributors, and retailers are expressly granted permission to copy graphics, excerpts, and plot summaries from this site for advertising purposes. Site owners of compatible sites are also expressly permitted to copy graphics for links to this site and may link shallowly to the index page, or deeply to any other page without asking permission.

Participation in the Timestream: Rick Sutcliffe and Arjay Enterprises invite proposals from other authors and publishers to set stories or novels in the Timestream universes, but the proposed author(s) or partner(s) must be born-again Christians, experienced writers, and familiar with science and technology. They must come to the proposed project/partnership with a significant contribution that will enhance the current and future Timestream series, and all plot elements must be approved as compatible by Rick Sutcliffe.

Attributions: Quotations, including those of code, as well as the use of terms or models originated by and closely associated with the author, such as, but not limited to, "The New Renaissance", "The Fourth Civilization", "The Metalibrary", "Concinnity", "The Timestream", "The Interregnum", "Earth Prime," "Ortho Earth," "Greater Hibernia," "Meta Earth," "Para Earth," "Babylon", "Waterworld," "The Desert World," "The Builder's World," "The Northern Spy," "opundo", "sheaves", "Arjay", "WebNameSource", "WebNameHost", "nameman", as well as titles of series, books and articles, the names of any other Arjay Enterprises sites or domain names, and so on, should be all be properly attributed.

Shareware: Works indicated as shareware may be copied and used freely on the understanding that such use incurs a debt to the author in the amount of the appropriate shareware fee and an obligation to attribute the source. Students using code or other materials found on this site are under an obligation to report the source and to indicate what portions they have added themselves. Any commercial code derived from code here described must be copied back to the author. Any person receiving or reading these materials who does not agree to these terms is requested to return them (leave them on the page) unread. Under no circumstances may a copy of any substantial part of the works referenced hereby be made without written permission or without including this or a like notice.

Disclaimers: Mention of a product, person, company, organization, trademark, trade name, brand name or site is not to be construed as an endorsement or guarantee, even where the author uses, prefers, or links to a product or site promoting a product. Use of any information on this site for any purpose whatsoever, whether paid or not is at the risk of the user. As a condition of use, all users of information on Arjay Enterprises' sites expressly release Rick Sutcliffe, his associates and employees, Arjay Enterprises, and any/all of its subsidiaries from any liability whatsoever in connection with such use, excepting an amount no greater than that actually paid (less taxes and shipping) for a product that proves defective, the sole right to determine which remains in the hands of Arjay Enterprises.

Unless otherwise indicated, Rick Sutcliffe's works are fiction. They may, for purposes of advancing the plot, take liberties with history. Moreover, any resemblance in name or the character between Rick Sutcliffe's works and a real person is coincidental and not intended to suggest that any real person has similar attributes or characteristics or has participated in similar incidents to those described in any work here.

To the best of our knowledge and ability there is no pornographic or hate material on this site, nor are any of its pages linked directly to any such, or to sites that promote such. However, objectionable links should be pointed out (things do change). Trade, brand, and company names or marks, where used, are the property of the respective holders.

Our use of other material: All fiction and non fiction works on all Arjay Enterprises sites are the intellectual property by right of creation of Rick Sutcliffe and/or Arjay Enterprises. To the best of our knowledge, Rick Sutcliffe and Arjay Enterpises also either own the intellectual property rights to all Arjay Enterprises' web site content and any code described or used thereon, or we have employed material in the public domain and is not subject to copyright or patent by any other person or entity, or that we have purchased appropriate rights to employ such materials as we have done. If this is not the case, our inappropriate use is inadvertent, and where this is pointed out, we will promptly and happily attribute, remove or replace the material, as desired by the owners, or purchase licenses as they may require and we deem necessary for our continued use.

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