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Purchasing Non-Fiction
by Rick Sutcliffe

NOTE: When you buy a shareware textbook, you are paying for the right to use an electronic copy, not buying a paper copy (which would cost well over $100). However, if you do want to have a local electronic copy, send me email and I will allow you to have a copy of that part of the site. (It is a big file, though.) If you do buy a paper copy in the bookstore, the royalty (shareware fee) is built into the price, and you need not pay to use the shareware copy as well.

A. Shareware Modula-2 Textbook
    This is a completely re-written replacement (ISO compatible) for the 1988 text published by Charles Merrill.
    Payment: [All figures in $US] Single users pay $0.75 per chapter used to a maximum of $10. Bookstores and universities have discounts to print and re-sell multiple copies ($500 to 100 copies; $1000 to 300 copies; $2000 to 1000 copies)
Electronic payment is handled by KAGI.

B. The Fourth Civilization -- Technology, Society, and Ethics
    Text for a course in Ethics, Society, & Technology.
    Payment: [All figures in $US] Single users pay $10. Bookstores and universities have discounts to print and re-sell multiple copies ($175 to 25 copies; $500 to 100 copies; $800 to 200 copies).
Electronic payment is handled by KAGI.

For both books, if paying from a Canadian address, you may pay these figures in Canadian dollars (a discount, eh?), but have to send a cheque or money order to:
Arjay Enterprises
28964 Starr Rd.,
Mt. Lehman BC Canada V4X 2C5

    Also from TWU bookstore in paper, the ethics book in one volume, and the Modula-2 book in five (Part I: 1-7; Part II: 8-12; Part III: 13-15; Part IV: 16-19; and Appendices). Call (604) 513 2005 for availability and pricing.

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