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The Throne, an Irish Christian Science fiction series by Rick Sutcliffe, is set on one or more alternate earths of the Timestream, a spatio-temporal medium linking several earths with different histories. Most of the action in this series takes place on Hibernia (Ortho earth) during the years 1014-2001 The purpose is to entertain and to provoke the reader to think about ethical and social decision making and the societal consequences of technological decisions.

In 1014 Brian Boru fights to retain his kingdom. As the battle ends, he is either killed by Brodar or rescued by Cormac Meathe. The two outcomes determine the future course of two very different alternate earths--Tirdia, where he dies, Ireland fragments, and becomes easy pickings for the English kings later on, or Hibernia, where Boru installs King Cormac and Queen Catherine on what becomes an enduring throne, leading to Ireland becoming a superpower.

The stories of The Throne centre around Samadeya and Pelik, the two hard-to-kill-and-keep-dead versions of Caine, who have fought many epic battles through the millennia, but in modern times the prize Pelik seeks for world domination is Ireland's throne. Amy, Amethyst, and later The Paladin attempt to assist Samadeya to keep the throne truly that of the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Four books of The Throne.

The first volume of The Throne, Culmanic Parts, published June 2015 in a variety of E-book formats, has three stories. The preface tells of the ascension of Cormac and Catherine to the throne, but from her point of view, and written in a diary intended to be passed on to a Meathe queen descendent. The second story, All The King's Horses tells of such a descendent two centuries later, who is introduced as a horse girl in a remote northern hamlet, but who is trained by horsemaster Rufus Maynard to be far more, for he is both an invalided armsmaster and co-inventor with Cullin Meathe of the Culmanic. The third story moves along to the fifteenth century, and follows the childhood of "Slum Girl" Amy Rea, inheritor of both women's diaries, and the Culmanic discipline, which she renames "Science". This story concludes with her graduation from prestigious Royal Academy, the king's death, and her joining the Royal Army Naval Corps.

The second volume of The Throne, Rea's Blood or Navy Girl, published November 2015 follows Amy's naval career from her appointment to HMS Boudicca upon graduation through the battles of Muscape, the Balearics, Malta, the South Cape, Olangapo, The Nile, and ultimately, in 1440, Trafalgar.

The third volume of The Throne, Tara's Mother, is expected to be published by Writers Exchange ePublishing in the fall of 2015. It picks up in the aftermath of Trafalgar and follows some of Amy's compatriots, survivors of Trafalgar, as they try to piece their lives together. Two, Amethyst Meathe and Joanne (Jehanne) O'Donnell, play key roles under General Thomas Rourke in the decisive 1941 Battle of Mount Sainte Jean near Waterloo. Thrones are lost and won in the aftermath.

The fourth volume of The Throne, The Paladin, is nearly finished and will likely go to the publisher late in 2015. It tells the rest of the story of Ireland's throne, from the late fifteenth century through to the end of the Interregnum at the time of the second battle of Glenmorgan in 2001. It also serves as the final volume in the previous series The Interregnum.

For the reader who wishes to sample the writing before ordering, a plot synopsis and the first few chapters (one from each subplot) are available on this site by clicking on the appropriate book cover and following the links.

In addition, an anthology of Canadian eAuthors published by ceAuthors and is available here FREE. It includes a story from The Exile.

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