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Rea's Blood or Navy Girl by Richard J. Sutcliffe

Rea's Blood or Navy Girl is alternate-history Irish-flavoured Christian science fiction and is the second Book in the series The Throne--a history of the alternate Earth called Hibernia, or Ortho Earth as the Metans term it.

Rea's Blood is the second small part of the alternate history story of two long-lived and hard-to-kill men, Samadeya-Qayin and Pelik-Qayin, the alternate continuations of the repentant and unrepentant Cain respectively, always deadly enemies, once Thor and Odin, but in the last millenium duelling over the High Kingship of Ireland.

Rea's Blood continues the story behind the history of Hibernia's fifteenth century from the perspective of the three principal participants, each of whom loomed larger than life over their contemporaries--Samadeya and Pelik (the two Cains) and Amy adopted daughter of super-spy Carlan Rea (Samadeya) a.k.a. slum girl, who, after taking academic by storm at Tara, joins the navy, for her own safety.

There are five sections to the novel:

Part 1: Boudicca
Amy reports aboard HMS Boudicca, a RANC ship engaged in a routine circuit of patrol and message carrying. Her voyage is anything but routine however, for she sails directly into a complex plot engineered by a Spanish Grandee she helped to disgrace while a student.

Part 2: Hunter Squadron The outbreak of war with France and the discovery of a plot afoot has Tara sending Hunter Squadron to thwart the scheme to destroy the Irish navy and capture its most prestigious and important base at Muscape. Amy, aboard Boudicca has important information for the new squadron commander, and a critical role to play in two battles. Can a single squadron defeat two entire fleets? We find out in Hibernia's bloodiest ever sea battle.

Part 3: Ruby
Anxious to remove Amy from political influence her new admiral forms up Ruby squadron and sends her to patrol the Balearics to deal with piracy and the eastern Mediterranean, where an opportunistic fleet of French and Spanish ships seeks to conquer Malta. Along the way, she cements old friendships and makes new alliances toward building a band of brothers and sisters who will fight for the Irish flag at the very gates of hell itself.

Part 4: Orange
As the war heats up with the entry of Holland as ally of Spain, and Ireland frantically ramps up its navy despite having a thinly officered base, Amy is posted to newly formed Orange Fleet and sent to recapture the southern cape and engage in a search and destroy mission throughout the east to remove the Dutch threat to Ireland's trade. There she faces new challenges from other sources and hones her leadership skills in the face of great adversity.

Part 5: Red
Amy returns to the Mediterranean and thence to two critical engagements, the first over the fate of Egypt and the new Suez canal at the battle of the Nile, the second off the Cape of Trafalgar for supremacy in the Atlantic. The outcomes will determine mastery of the seas for generations, and powerfully influence the land war as well. She must also deal with a failing health that leaves her unable to envision life past Trafalgar, and settle an old betrayal that has new legs in the person of two lookalikes aboard Victory as she sails to her personal armageddon.

The story of Ireland's fifteenth century war with Spain and France continues in the subsequent novel Book 3 of The Throne, titled Tara's Mother, and the rest of the history of The Throne, with the concluding battle of Glenmorgan is told in the fourth Book The Paladin, which also serves as the seventh Book of Rick's other series, The Interregnum.

Events of Rea's Blood or Navy Girl play out on Hibernia, in the Royal Army Naval Corps (RANC) in the mediterranean, at the Southern Cape, in the Indian Ocean and the Chinease Sea.

--- Book 2 of The Throne.
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