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Rea's Blood or Navy Girl

Book 2 of The Throne
A Novel of the Timestream
Copyright 2015

by R. Sutcliffe

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Many thanks to all the proofreaders and editors. Your suggestions were all considered and almost all were adopted. Remaining errors are entirely my fault.

Plot Summary

In his award-winning series The Interregnum, author Rick Sutcliffe features (among others) alternate Earth Hibernia, and its struggles over the disposition of the kingdom after the King is banished. But how did Hibernia come to be the superpower which that series found it? Who were the men and women who founded and nurtured the kingdom during the two millenium of its existence? What were their passions, aspirations, successes, and failures? And what role did the exceptionally long-lived Samadeya-Qayin play over his latest centuries? Sutcliffe's new series The Throne tells the story of many of her High Kings and High Queens, whether saints or rogues, wise or fools, from 1014 through the great betrayal that saw uncrowned James IV deposed in 1941 and banished for sixty years, and to the second battle of Glenmorgan in 2001 that determined the fate of the kingship. Some of these events were hinted at or described in accompanying historical notes in the first six Books of The Interregnum, but are here explained in full--and not always as the historians had originally believed, for now, thanks to polymath and sword wizard Lucas Caine, numerous diaries and journals of the eleventh, fourteenth and fifteenth century have been decrypted, and the secrets of the fifteenth century's greatest leaders, including Admiral Amy Rea's "great secret" have been revealed.

Rea's Blood or Navy Girl is book two in the Christian sf (alternate history) series The Throne, set on Ortho-Earth (Greater Hibernia) during the fifteenth century. It picks up from the Mother's Girl section of book one Culmanic parts, where Royal Academy star Amy Rea and her nine friends (The Diechara) have just graduated into chaos at Tara, Hibernia's capital. Split up by betrayal, they have now been removed from the scene by the Royal Army to their various postings around the world. This volume follows Rea's career in RANC the Royal Army Naval Corps.

Part 1: Boudicca
Amy reports aboard HMS Boudicca, a RANC ship engaged in a routine circuit of patrol and message carrying. Her voyage is anything but routine however, for she sails directly into a complex plot engineered by a Spanish Grandee she helped to disgrace while a student.

Part 2: Hunter Squadron The outbreak of war with France and the discovery of a plot afoot has Tara sending Hunter Squadron to thwart the scheme to destroy the Irish navy and capture its most prestigious and important base at Muscape. Amy, aboard Boudicca has important information for the new squadron commander, and a critical role to play in two battles. Can a single squadron defeat two entire fleets? We find out in Hibernia's bloodiest ever sea battle.

Part 3: Ruby
Anxious to remove Amy from political influence her new admiral forms up Ruby squadron and sends her to patrol the Balearics to deal with piracy and the eastern Mediterranean, where an opportunistic fleet of French and Spanish ships seeks to conquer Malta. Along the way, she cements old friendships and makes new alliances toward building a band of brothers and sisters who will fight for the Irish flag at the very gates of hell itself.

Part 4: Orange
As the war heats up with the entry of Holland as ally of Spain, and Ireland frantically ramps up its navy despite having a thinly officered base, Amy is posted to newly formed Orange Fleet and sent to recapture the southern cape and engage in a search and destroy mission throughout the east to remove the Dutch threat to Ireland's trade. There she faces new challenges from other sources and hones her leadership skills in the face of great adversity.

Part 5: Red
Amy returns to the Mediterranean and thence to two critical engagements, the first over the fate of Egypt and the new Suez canal at the battle of the Nile, the second off the Cape of Trafalgar for supremacy in the Atlantic. The outcomes will determine mastery of the seas for generations, and powerfully influence the land war as well. She must also deal with a failing health that leaves her unable to envision life past Trafalgar, and settle an old betrayal that has new legs in the person of two lookalikes aboard Victory as she sails to her personal armageddon.

The story of Ireland's fifteenth century war with Spain and France continues in the subsequent novel Book 3 of The Throne, titled Tara's Mother, and the rest of the history of The Throne, with the concluding battle of Glenmorgan is told in the fourth Book The Paladin, which also serves as the seventh Book of Rick's other series, The Interregnum.

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