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2002 12 14
Arjay Books
Writers Exchange E-Publishing International

Announce the publishing of

The Peace

A Christian Science Fiction novel with an Irish flavour

     In a sufficiently hi-tech society numerous individuals are capable of mass destruction via nuclear or biological weapons. To survive, civilization requires a pervasive moral code limiting the use of technology, but in a fallen world this needs policing, and so do the police.
     Arjay Books and Writers Exchange E-Publishing announce the publishing of Rick Sutcliffe's Christian sci-fi novel The Peace .
     The Peace is the first in a new multi-volume series The Interregnum--a novel of the Timestream. James IV, most Christian High King of Ireland on Ortho (an Earth with a different history than ours) is deposed in 1941 by a cabal of his nobles. Exiled to thinly-populated Irish North America, he and his cousins find unlikely romance, promote traditional honour, and counter genocidal high-tech schemes. Sergeant Brian McIlhargey carries on the fight in a later generation.
     Sutcliffe's fiction will appeal to fans of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. It incorporates a Christian world view into a story where a high-tech society has developed very differently from ours. This is soft science fiction, sword but not sorcery, good clean reading, and an exciting, fast-paced page turner.
     Formerly a high school teacher, Rick Sutcliffe is currently Professor of Mathematics and Computing Science at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. His previous work includes a computer programming text, newspaper and magazine columns, lectures and a text on ethical and social issues in technology, and numerous published articles and papers. He lives with his wife Joyce in Bradner, B.C.
     The Peace is priced under five dollars for a download (12.95 inc. postage on a CD) and is available exclusively in electronic form (pdf, html, and microsoft reader, CD) from Writers Exchange E-Publishing and fine e-book retailers. A second book in the series, The Friends, is also available.

For review copies of The Peace contact
Sandy Cummins
at Writers Exchange E-Publishing International

For interviews or signings contact

Rick Sutcliffe
28964 Starr Rd.
Mt. Lehman, BC CANADA
V4X 2C5
604 8567417
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