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Press Release
2004 08 22
Arjay Books
Announces the publishing of

The General

A Christian Science Fiction novel with an Irish flavour

    A high technology society is no intrinsic barrier to superstition, false religion, or barbaric practices. It must take care what it tolerates, lest it end by presiding over its own demise.
    Arjay Books announces the publication of The General, Rick Sutcliffe's fourth novel in the award winning Irish Christian science fiction/alternate history series The Interregnum and a sequel toThe Peace, The Friends, and The Exile.

     The General continues the story of Mara Meathe from her arrival at Tara's court, through dangerous international assignments and a meeting with destiny in West China. It follows the career of Tad O'Kelly, previously introduced as the Blue Sergeant Cadet when Cath, Maeve, and Cole arrived at Kilkarney. A Royal Army forensic specialist, Tad finds himself caught up in a long standing series of disappearances whose resolution eventually sees him sitting on the king's throne as high judge. But the key to solving the case before it destroys all the RA's high ranking women, is a mysterious quad amputee recovering her memories in a Tirdian hospital with the assistance of the local paper boy.
     Sandy McFarlaine and Day MacAllister meet again, but Sandy gets his first kiss from someone else; Cath Maguire battles floods, conspiracies and disgrace; Donal XII struggles to maintain control of a rapidly disintegrating situation; and General Zack O'Connor wants only to beat back the cancer growing in his brain.
     Sutcliffe's fiction will appeal to fans of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. It incorporates a Christian world view into a story where a high-tech society has developed very differently from ours. This is soft science fiction, sword but not sorcery, good clean reading, and an exciting, fast-paced page turner.
     Formerly a high school teacher, Rick Sutcliffe is currently Professor of Mathematics and Computing Science at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. His previous work includes a computer programming text, newspaper and magazine columns, lectures and a text on ethical and social issues in technology, and numerous published articles and papers. He lives with his wife Joyce in Bradner, BC Canada
     Until an independant publisher's edition is available The General is priced under five dollars for a download directly from Arjay Books. A fifth book in the series, The Nexus, is expected in late 2005.

For review copies, interviews or signings contact

Rick Sutcliffe
28964 Starr Rd.
Mt. Lehman, BC CANADA
V4X 2C5
604 8567417
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