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2004 03 15


BC author and educator Rick Sutcliffe's story "The Friends", won the prestigious 2004 EPPIE award for best Science Fiction novel of 2003. These awards are given annually for the highest quality electronically published books, and were announced at EPICon 2004 March 13 in Oklahoma City. "The Exile", another of Sutcliffe's SF novels, was also a finalist for the same award.

Sutcliffe's books are volumes two and three of "The Interregnum", his Alternate History Christian SF set on an earth ruled by the ever contentious Irish. His large intergenerational cast of royals, beggars, nobles, servants, soldiers, scientists and scholars wrestle with violence, lawlessness, redemption, and complex social issues relating to the ethical use of technology.

"The Peace", volume one in the same series, received critical acclaim from Analog magazine and other reviewers, and was a nominee for the 2000 Frankfurt eBook Award. "The General", fourth and most ambitious volume in the series, will be published later in 2004.

An SFU grad, Sutcliffe has since 1983 been Professor of computing science and mathematics at Trinity Western University and has also been Adjunt Professor in the SFU School of Engineering. He has also served two terms as acting Dean, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences at TWU. Prior to that he taught at three Langley public schools--Aldergrove, H.D. Stafford, and Mountain.

He has authored two textbooks, numerous articles, columns and papers. His web services company ArjayWeb.com hosts other authors, business and personal pages, as well as his own sites. Sutcliffe has represented Canada internationally on technical standards committees and is a frequent conference and symposium speaker to authors, educators, churches, and computing scientists.

Sutcliffe was the keynote speaker at Seattle's EPICon 2002 and also spoke in the opening session of EPICon 2004 on author websites. He has judged other EPPIE categories for three years.

Last year's EPICon 2003 keynote address was given by noted science fiction author Piers Anthony. This year's keynote speaker was Steve Pendergrast, founder and co-owner of leading online eBook retailer Fictionwise, which specializes in electronic editions of prominent established authors, particularly SF, and features winners of Hugo, Nebula, EPPIE and other key publishing industry awards.

Sutcliffe's novels are available in a variety of eBook formats directly from publisher Writers Exchange of Australia, from Fictionwise, and from other online retailers. They are also in paper via the publisher's contract with Bowker's international print fulfillment house Booksurge, which recently opened its Victoria BC press and distribution plant. Rick can be contacted directly at the address and number below for interviews and/or booksignings.

Rick and his wife Joyce are residents of the Bradner district of Abbotsford. They have two grown sons. Nathan is a computer programmer in Abbotsford, Joel an aquatic leader for Langley Township whose team won the 2003 BC lifeguard championship.

Contacts and further information:
1. Rick Sutcliffe: 604-8567417, rsutc@arjay.ca, http://www.arjay.ca
2. Sandy Cummins at Writers Exchange ePublishing
    "The Peace" ISBN 1-920741-69-0
    "The Friends" ISBN 1-920741-70-4
    "The Exile" ISBN 1-920741-71-2
3. EPIC: http://www.epicauthors.org
NOTES: The full text of the EPIC press release announcing the winners is appended below.

* * * *


The Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) is proud to announce the winners of the fifth annual Eppie Awards. Epic, the premier professional organization for electronically published authors, presented the awards at the March thirteenth gala dinner concluding its annual EPICon conference in Oklahoma City.

This year's Eppie winners represent the best works in a wide variety of genres. Over 300 works were submitted in 23 categories. Works are judged by a panel of electronically published authors drawn from Epic's membership. Valerie Hardin Melville spoke of the judging process, "It was difficult to select a single winner from so many excellent books. It was a wonderful opportunity to see what quality writing is available in the electronic medium."

Epic also presents a single Quasar award at the Eppie Awards Dinner. The Quasar, an award for cover art, is awarded to the artist producing the finest e-book cover art in the competition year. Next year epic plans to add a new category for new artists in memory of artist novelist Ariana Overton.

The Eppie award dinner is the highlight of EPIC's annual conference: EPICon. In a field where the vast majority of work is done over the Internet, EPICon provides an opportunity to meet new friends and old acquaintances alike. A series of speakers, panels, and workshops, many drawn from EPIC's membership, cover every aspect of the electronic publishing industry. A book signing event provides enhanced publicity for independent publishers than from the backbone of the electronic publishing movement.

EPICon 2004's official Host, TL Schafer, reports on the experience: "Hosting this year's EPICon was stressful, busy and joyous. By consigning with Full Circle Books, we've offered a multitude of authors the chance to be featured at our book signing." Ms. Schafer further reflects, "Personally, I've made invaluable friends and contacts in the business world and would do it again in a heartbeat!"

For further information about EPIC, the EPPIEs, or to arrange interviews with the winners please contact Betty Kasischke at AnneKas@aol.com.

The 2004 Eppies go to:
Action/Adventure -- The Mayan Glyph by Larry Baxter
Anthology -- Cosmic Sculpture by Terri Branson
Children -- My Sister the Ghost #1 Twin Again by Linda Joy Singleton
Contemporary Romance -- Summer Heat -- by J.A. Clark
Erotica/Erotic Romance -- Holding the Cards by Joey Hill
Fantasy -- Dayspring Destiny by Jeanine Berry
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance -- Just Believe By Anne Manning
Historical -- Challenge the Wind by Debra Tash
Historical Romance -- The Hungry Heart by Elise Dee Beraru
Horror -- Dance With the Dragon by E.F. Watkins
Inspirational -- All We Want For Christmas by Polly Bolack
Mystery -- Triple Threat by Elizabeth Dearl
Non-fiction Philosophy -- Aniko: The Stranger Who Loved Me by Dr. Bob Rich, M.Sc., Ph. D.
Non-Fiction Self Help -- Millennium Moms; Cooking On The Run by Jamie Gardiner
Poetry -- Brush Country by Barri Bryan
Romance Suspense -- Judging Ellie by Catherine Snodgrass and Bryndis Rubin
Science Fiction -- The Friends by Rick Sutcliffe
Single Title/Mainstream -- E-Ville by K.T, Morgan
Thriller -- A Flash of Emerald by J.M. Taylor
Western -- Shiloh by Dusty Rhodes
Young Adult -- McClellan's Bluff by Mary Trimble
Patricia Lucas White Service Award -- Elise Dee Beraru
Quasar - Sometime, Somewhere Cover Artist: JoLynne Hansen


2003 06 17
Arjay Books
Writers Exchange E-Publishing International

Announce the publishing of

The Friends

A Christian Science Fiction novel with an Irish flavour

    How can a hi-tech society survive mass destruction via nuclear or biological weapons when the checks and balances supposed to prevent catastrophe have been removed by those intent on establishing a genocidal dictatorship?
    Arjay Books and Writers Exchange E-Publishing International announce the publication of The Friends, Rick Sutcliffe's second novel in the Irish Christian science fiction/alternate history series The Interregnum and a sequel toThe Peace.
     The Friends tells the story of two generations of closely bonded royals. One are those of the second generation following the deposition of James. They become Kilkarney's most famous (and then most infamous) graduating class, participating on both sides of the battle of Glenmorgan. The others are the graduates of Mara's New schools in the following generation. Can either group save Hibernia from despots, chaos, or civil war? Not if clan MacCarthy and their allies have anything to say about it. Perhaps deposed King James IV can lend his relatives and descendents a helping hand in the background.
     Sutcliffe's fiction will appeal to fans of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. It incorporates a Christian world view into a story where a high-tech society has developed very differently from ours. This is soft science fiction, sword but not sorcery, good clean reading, and an exciting, fast-paced page turner.
     Formerly a high school teacher, Rick Sutcliffe is currently Professor of Mathematics and Computing Science at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. His previous work includes a computer programming text, newspaper and magazine columns, lectures and a text on ethical and social issues in technology, and numerous published articles and papers. He lives with his wife Joyce in Bradner, BC Canada
     The Friends is priced under five dollars for a download and is available exclusively in electronic form (pdf, html, and microsoft reader, CD) from Writers Exchange E-Publishing and fine e-book retailers.

For review copies of The Friends contact
Sandy Cummins at Writers Exchange ePublishing

For interviews or signings contact

Rick Sutcliffe
28964 Starr Rd.
Mt. Lehman, BC CANADA
V4X 2C5
604 8567417
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