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2016 04 21
Tara's Mother

A Christian Science Fiction novel with an Irish flavour

    Arjay Books and Writers Exchange E-Publishing International are happy to announce another book in the "Worlds of the Timestream" universe.
TITLE: Worlds of the Timestream: The Throne, Book 3: Tara's Mother.

Author: Richard (Rick) J. Sutcliffe
Genre: Irish Science Fiction/Christian
ISBN: 978-1-925191-57-8
Word Count: 308 617

     Tara's Mother is the sequel to Culmanic Parts and Rae's Blood, and continues the alternate history enmity of the long-lived Samadeya-Qayin, ally of the Almighty and check against Pelik-Qayin, who is something more than evil twin.
     In Rea's Blood, Amy Rea, Samadeya's adopted daughter, and First Lord of the Admiralty, was shot down aboard her flagship Victory at Trafalgar. But two powerful look-alike women do emerge from the smoke and blood--Amy's flag officer Joane O'Donnell, and the mysterious Amethyst Meathe, who both play a vital part in Thomas Rourke's battle against the French despot at Mount Sainte Jean, near Waterloo.
     Joane takes on a prominent military role in now allied new France. But Amethyst still has battles to fight--first with lead enemy nation Spain, then with Ireland's own King Frederick and his would-be replacements back home. She takes over from her mentor as "The Mother"--High Queen of Low Tara, queen maker for several nations, and continues Amy Rea's battle against God's enemies.
     Who are she and Joane, really, and will Amethyst and the band of brothers and sisters she inherited from Amy Rea live to see a new, better, and peaceful Ireland emerge from the ashes of war?

PRICE: $4.99
FORMATS: PDF, PDB (Palm/Ereader), HTML, LIT (Microsoft Reader), MOBI (Unencrypted Mobipocket/Kindle), RB (Rocket 1100), IMP (Gemstar 1150/Ebookwise), IMP (Gemstar 2150/Rocket 1200), and epub.
Author Page: at WEE
Book Page: and more info
Amazon: (buy and review)

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RELEASE DATE: 21 April 2016

Further Information

     Sutcliffe's award winning fiction appeals to fans of (and reviewers have favourably compared it to) C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. It incorporates a Christian world view into a story where a high-tech society has developed very differently from ours. This is soft science fiction, sword but not sorcery, good clean reading, and an exciting, fast-paced page turner.
     Formerly a high school teacher, Rick Sutcliffe is currently Professor of Mathematics and Computing Science at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. His previous work includes a computer programming text, newspaper and magazine columns, lectures and a text on ethical and social issues in technology, and numerous published articles and papers. He has been involved in national and international standards work, and is also the co-inventor of R10, a new, modern programming language based on Modula-2. He lives with his wife Joyce in Bradner, BC Canada.
     Tara's Mother is priced under five dollars for a download and is available in electronic form from Writers Exchange E-Publishing and fine e-book retailers, including Amazon. The fourth book in the series, Paladin is expected later in 2016. It will be the final novel in both The Throne (Book 4) and The Interrregum (Book 7).

For review copies of Tara's Mother contact
Sandy Cummins at Writers Exchange ePublishing

For interviews or signings contact

Rick Sutcliffe
28964 Starr Rd.
Mt. Lehman, BC CANADA
V4X 2C5
604 8567417
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