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Arjay Enterprises is a personal services company formed in 1979 by computing scientist and writer Richard Joseph (Rick) Sutcliffe of Bradner, BC, Canada as a vehicle for his professional writing and speaking engagements. Arjay also owns the sutcliffe.ca domain, rsutcliffe.com, ricksutcliffe.net, christian-author.com, opundo.com, webnamesource.com, webnamehost.com, and theNorthernSpy.com.

Where do I want to be?

Others of our domain names

ArjayBooks.com Arjay.us Arjay.bc.ca Arjay.org, Arjay.info, scriptae.com -- alternate names for Arjay.ca
ArjayConsulting.com --Our consulting subsidiary AKA iconsultarjay.com
ArjayEnterprises.com --Umbrella for all Arjay sites aka arjayent.info
ArjayWeb.com --Umbrella for our web services
Arjay.org -- emergency site for contacting us when this site is down

Other Companies with Arjay in the name

Arjay Automation --industrial automation solutions
Arjay Data --SCAN processing for cheques
Arjay Engineering --flow controls
Arjay Enterprises --fiction and non-fiction by Rick Sutcliffe
Arjay Entertainment--a live entertainment charity
Arjay Games --online games store (German)
Arjay Industries -- metal fabricator of Process Vessels (Surrey BC Canada)
Arjay's Land of the Diminutive
Arjay, Kentucky--link to a community guide
Arjay's Land of the Diminutive --painted miniatures
Arjay Performance Products --products for the composites fabrication industry
Arjay Photography --commercial photography, interactive CD-ROM's, web sites and immersive imaging
Arjay Products --makers of ladies' purses
Arjay Technologies --Performance Products for the Composites Industry
Arjay Telecommunications (arjay.net) --networking
Arjay Web Works --web designer and provider
arjay.com -- no one there

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