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     This site is provided courtesy of Rick Sutcliffe's Arjay Enterprises. It is a centre for information on Niklaus Wirth's programming notation (language) Modula-2. A descendent of and replacement for his earlier Pascal notation, Modula-2 corrects many of the defficencies in earlier notations and adds important new features, yet remains small, compact, and teachable. Even in the classic version described in Wirth's books, it is suitable for disciplined production of large projects, real time programming, and general-purpose work. In its ISO standard version, it has exceptions, termination, complex number types, standardized libraries, and (in approved extensions to the standard) object oriented and generic programming facilities.

     On this site, you will find links to other resources, the FAQ for comp.lang.modula-2, and a shareware text based on the ISO standard version of the language used by most compiler makers.

     Take special note of the R10 project linked to at the right. This project has produced a new and modern dialect of Modula-2 incorporating the most up-to-date thinking in language design and implementation. The authors are confident that other programming language revisions will eventually include many of their innovations. A book introducing and describing the new dialect is in progress with Springer-Verlag.

     NOTE: One of the most commonly-asked questions online amounts to "Will you do my homework for me?" The answer is "no." If you can't figure out how to do your own programming homework from all the resources available online, you'll never become a programmer. Other languages are much harder to learn; that's why your university started with a good one. If you have a commercial application and want help with Modula-2 code, see our sister company Arjay Consulting, but be warned that the price of code consultation (when Arjay finds it compelling enough to accept such contracts) is hefty, so you'll need to be highly motivated and have deep pockets indeed to go this route.

     On the other hand, one of the things people least commonly do is pay for the shareware textbook. If learning the language is this much work, how much do you think went into the book? Where does the money come from to revise it? Ahem!

     Modula-2.com is a network synonym for the Modula-2 pages at Arjay Books.

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