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What we sell:

Preliminary Editions of the latest volumes in eBook PDF format and paper copies of published volumes for pickup or delivery in BC's Lower Mainland.

What they sell:

Mature editions of the books in a variety of formats.

Online Amazon
What they sell:

Paper and Kindle eBook editions distributed via POD.

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Brick and Morter: TWU (Langley)
Price Comparison (FetchBook.Info) The Peace The Friends The Exile The General
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Books can also be purchased from this page.
Click on BUY beside the eBook ISBN to find the book at WEE.
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Volume 1
The Peace
eBook 1-920741-24-0 BUY
Paper 1-920741-69-0 BUY
Volume 2
The Friends
eBook 1-920741-49-6 BUY
Paper 1-920741-70-4 BUY
Volume 3
The Exile
eBook 1-920741-50-X BUY
Paper 1-920741-71-2 BUY
Volume 4
The General
eBook 1-920972-65-X BUY
Paper 1-921314-990 BUY
ISBN13 978-1-921314-995
Volume 5
The Nexus
eBook 1 920972 66 8 BUY
Paper 1-921636-05X BUY
ISBN13 978-1-921636-059
Volume 6
The Builder
eBook 978-1-921636-57-8 BUY
Paper 1-922066-141 BUY
ISBN13 978-1-922066-145

Book 1
Culmanic Parts
eBook 978-1-920741-58-7 BUY
Paper coming soon
Book 2
eBook 978-1-925191-11-0 BUY
Paper coming soon
Book 3: Tara's Mother
eBook 978-1-925191-57-8 BUY
Paper coming soon
Book 4: The Paladin
Coming soon

Note: The Throne may be read as a standalone series
OR The Paladin may be read as the conclusion to The Interregnum

NOTE: Buying an eBook gives you the right to read it on any computer or reading device. You may share it among your immediate family, but you cannot serve the copy on a public web site and friends should buy their own copy.

NOTE: Arjay Books will retail to you directly only provided you are in BCs Lower Mainland and will either pick up the books or pay for delivery. Pricing is in $US and is here at KAGI.

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