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Press Release
2005 12 05
Arjay Books
Announces the publishing of

The Nexus

A Christian Science Fiction novel with an Irish flavour

    One of the worlds of the Timestream is about to undergo a nexus, a decision point that causes there to be two successor worlds, each stmming from a different choice in that decision. It's the Builder's duty to influence that decision, but his daughter has followed him into danger. Now, an orphan boy's angst-fuelled misunderstanding is about to divide his world and face him with shocking violence.
    Arjay Books announces the publication of The Nexus, Rick Sutcliffe's fifth novel in the award winning Irish Christian science fiction/alternate history series The Interregnum and a sequel to The Peace, The Friends, The Exile and The General.

     The Nexus continues the story of Mara Meathe following Tad O'Kelly's term as Senchus, and on toward the crisis point in alternate earth Hibernia's own affairs. She battles conspiracies, pirates, kidnappings, riots, gun runners, and Tara's corrupt nobility in her effort to seat a true king in a year's time.
     Meanwhile, Maeve Derry, now commander of Centralia Cadet School, pulls one of her cadets from the bbottom of a river following a bandits' ambush. What she then learns sets a new chain of events in motion, resulting in Tad's reappointment as Senchus for another sensational trial at Tara, during which a cowardly attack's outcome tips the legal scales.
     As the maelstrom of events swirls about the Nexus point on Tirdia, Catherine Ryan, Maeve Derry, and Mara Meathe each experience crisis decisions of their own, from which they must go forward to fight the next day's multiple battles. Should they fail, the light of right may be extinguished.
     Formerly a high school teacher, Rick Sutcliffe is currently Professor of Mathematics and Computing Science at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. His previous work includes a computer programming text, newspaper and magazine columns, lectures and a text on ethical and social issues in technology, and numerous published articles and papers. He lives with his wife Joyce in Bradner, BC Canada
     The Friends is priced under five dollars for a download and is available exclusively in electronic form (pdf, html, and microsoft reader, CD) from Writers Exchange E-Publishing and fine e-book retailers.

For review copies of The Nexus contact
Sandy Cummins
at Writers Exchange E-Publishing International

For interviews or signings contact

Rick Sutcliffe
28964 Starr Rd.
Mt. Lehman, BC CANADA
V4X 2C5
604 8567417
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