2016 05 01

Quo Vadis

The Spy opines on Apple's options for overcoming a sales decline and touts his newly published novel, the Throne.

Tara's Mother Published

The third book in The Throne, Tara's Mother is out in eBook format. Paper will follow at a later date. Book four of this series, Paladin will also serve as the final book in The Interregnum.


2015 12 01

Rea's Blood Published

The second book in The Throne came out late 2015 in eBook format. Paper will follow at a later date.http://www.arjay.bc.ca/images/raesBloodcover3555.jpg

2015 10 01

Modula-2 R10 Templates

The Spy demonstrates how to employ R10 templates to re-use code via generics--fifth and last in a series.

2015 08 01

Modula-2 R10 Blueprints

The Spy demonstrates how to employ R10 blueprints to leverage sound planning.

2015 07 01

Culmanic Parts Published

The first book in The Throne series was published in June 2015.

2015 06 01

A First Look at Modula-2 R10

The Spy solves a problem in R10 and discusses some familiar points of Modula-2 for those new to the language, and a few of the many changes in the R10 dialect.

2015 05 01

Modula-2 R10 Built-Ins

A quick rundown on the built -ins comprising the base language Modula-2 R10 dialect.

If All You Have Is A Hammer

The Spy introduces a new programming language he and colleague Benjamin Kowarsch have devised--the first in a multi-part series on Modula-2 R10.

2010 01 01

Hibernian heraldry

Graphical representations of Hibernian coats of arms, the Royal Army arms, and a soldier's coffs with SpecialOps option, and explanations of the heraldry.

2006 12 01

An important review of The General

Analog SF has given another thumbs up to The Interregnum, with Tom Easton of The Reference Library expressing his enjoyment of The General for November 2006.

2005 01 01

The Friends--Best SF Novel of 2003

The Friends, Volume II of The Interregnum, Rick Sutcliffe's Christian SF series won the 2004 EPPIE for the best science fiction novel of 2003. The Exile was also a finalist for this award.