Chapter 9
Technology, the State, and the Law

Seminar - "Computers, the Law and Rights"
9.1 Foundations for Law and the State
9.2 Technology and the State--Big Brother and Little Brother
9.3 Technology and War
    9.3.1 Confrontation Outcome Scenarios
    9.3.2 Other Kinds of War
    9.3.3 Policing a Peace
    9.3.4 Summary
9.4 Some Legal Problems for the Next Age
    9.4.1 An Overview of Current Problems
    9.4.2 The Present Law
    9.4.3 The Insufficiency of Law Alone
    9.4.4 Some Proposed Remedies
    9.4.5 Summary
9.5 Technocrime
9.6 Ethics, the Law, and the State
9.7 Solving the Problem
9.8 New State and Legal Forms for the New Age
9.9 Summary and Further Discussion
The Fourth Civilization Table of Contents
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