The Fourth Civilization--
Technology Society and Ethics

Fourth (2002-2003) Edition

Richard J. Sutcliffe

Table of Contents

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Part I--Laying the Groundwork

Chapter 1 History and Technology
Chapter 2 The Foundations of Science and Technology
Chapter 3 Basic Concepts in the Theory of Ethics

Part II--Four Wavefronts on a Sea of Change

Chapter 4 The Information Revolution
Chapter 5 Robotics and The Second Industrial Revolution
Chapter 6 The Intelligence Revolution
Chapter 7 The Biospace Revolution

Part III--Ethics and the Institutions of the Fourth Civilization

Chapter 8 Technology and Economic Institutions
Chapter 9 Technology, the State, and the Law
Chapter 10 A New Education for a New Civilization?
Chapter 11 Religion and the Transcendental in the Fourth Civilization

Part IV Quo Vadis--Directions for People, Society and Technology

Chapter 12 Integration And the Fourth Civilization