Modula-2: Abstractions for Data and
Programming Structures
(Using ISO-Standard Modula-2)

2004-2005 Edition


Richard J. Sutcliffe

Table of Contents

Shareware Information
Preface for the Instructor
Intro for the Student

1. Planning for the Solution of Problems
2. From Plan to Program
3. Basic Program Structure Abstractions
4. Program Organization and Procedures
5. Iterations, Enumerations and Arrays
6. Program Organization and Modules
7. Solving Real World Problems in Modula-2
8. Data Storage Issues
9. Structured Data--Intermediate Techniques
10. Intermediate Program Structuring--Pitfalls and Techniques
11. Intermediate Programming--Data and Techniques

12. Pointers and Dynamic Data--Introduction
13. Searching and Sorting
14. Intermediate Dynamic Data Structures
15. Advanced Data Types and Techniques
16. Generic Modula-2
17. Advanced Applications
18. Introduction To Graphics
19. Object Oriented Modula-2



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